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Founded in Argentina over twenty  years ago and directly focused on providing solutions to the developing entertainment and amusement market, Coin Tech has experi

enced impressive company growth and a solid product evolution. GAME-SYSTEM ® can be found running entertainment centers all over the world.

Coin Tech’s distribution network (United States, Spain, Mexico and Dubai) combined with our professional team of software developers, electronic engineers, technical support specialist and business consultants, have positioned our company as one of the most reliable and experienced suppliers of Management Systems for FEC´s.

We have translated all of this worldwide experience and advanced technology into value added, as well as we offer professional solutions and services for more than 200 FEC´s located throughout the different countries and cultures of the world.

Since the beginning, we have been committed to our customer’s satisfaction as our most important goal and this is the reason for our success.

We are sure our company will be able to exceed your expectations and needs, now and in the future.

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Learn about COIN TECH’S Debit Card System products, get quotes, view online demos, get the latest technology for FECS, and more. Connect with our sales or technical support team, and get professional advice from COIN TECH S.A.

Name: Coin Tech
Tel:+54 (351) 426 3826 USA Phone: 1 877 882 8872
Address:Jacinto Ríos 1365 Cordoba X5004 ATC Argentina