POS System / POS Solution

POS System is the most effective solution that a debit card system can offer for managing the Point Of Sale at any Family Entertainment Center, arcade, bowling or park.


POS System is capable of controlling even the most advanced device assigned for today’s points of sales such as touch-screen displays, POS keyboards, cash drawers, fiscal printers, barcode scanners, magnetic card readers, wristbands readers,

  • Advance Food & Beverage Service and Inventory
  • Recipe Management
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Strong Cash Control
  • Friendly user interface
  • Multi-currency support
  • Integrated with leader companies
  • Desktop or Mobile version (hay que demostrarlo gráficamente)
  • eCoupons: válida y “quema” cupones de campañas de marketing

Online Party Booking

  • No more double booking! Save your money and problems! Game System’s Online Party Booking software is the simplest and safest way to attract more customers by offering online parties booking from the comfort of their computers or smartphones. Operators can manage their birthday parties and have a powerful marketing tool for their business, all in one solution.
  • Booking parties in real-time via the internet
  • Links directly thru an API to your website
  • Books automatically on the guest location choice
  • Sell more “Add-ons” by allowing customer to see them all
  • Free up employees from booking additional parties or managing the facility
  • Guests can book parties 24 hours a day
  • Take credit card deposits instantly for parties
  • Fully customizable layout and design
  • Customize your logo, products pictures and descriptions
  • Streamline booking process

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COIN TECH’S Technology applied to operation.

The world has changed and has forced companies to rethink plans, projections and forecasts, requiring reinventing business models, creating new game rules and designing a new beginning.
Coin Tech is heading to take your operation to the Cloud, so you’ll be able to get:

1. Instant implementation

Don’t worry about the long processes of installing software to run a feature, module or the whole system. One of the advantages of SaaS is that software is already activated and pre configured, so it’s ready to use.

2. Provider’s Maintenance

Another advantage of SaaS is that all maintenance and prevention processes are carried out by the provider. A relief for IT workers!
They no longer have to deal with software installations, licenses, upgrades, or maintenance, but can focus their resources on the tasks that matter most to the business.

3. Data security

One of the main advantages of Saas: thanks to the decentralized storage of all data on a cloud server, there is less and less data loss due to local hardware or software problems. In addition, small and medium-sized businesses enjoy the same security standards as large companies.

4. Saving time and money

Software as a Service is ready to use and the other hand, if you don’t want to use it anymore, just don’t use it, what means pay as you go.
In the conventional model, it was required to buy the same software many times and install it on several machines one by one, a very costly task in terms of money and time.

5. Use from different devices

With the access data, you can use the tools available on your mobile or from other devices. This also makes it considerably easier to work from home, mainly for reports, BI, consigurations, pricing, etc.

Nowadays the offer to the operator includes:

Corporate System Cloud

COIN TECH’s Corporate System centralizes all the information from all sites into one powerful Oracle database at the headquarters. Includes a web reporting module, accessible from any computer or mobile device. In addition it also allows data integration with any ERP of the company, like SAP.

Centralized Administration

Launch simultaneous promotions in all your sites, POS layout management, games roaming and tired pricing, users rights and cards and more from just one interface.


Help increase sales with a simple-to-use CRM specific to the entertainment industry. Fully integrated with Game System.

  • Increases customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction.
  • Establish a personal connection with customers by sending emails and promotional campaigns, configurable with a few clicks.
  • Anticipate your customer’s wishes based on their previous behaviors.
  • Control and manage your business anytime, anywhere.


  • The best decisions start with a better understanding of your business
  • A more efficient, secure and flexible analytics platform for your data. Empower people and your business with the power of data.
  • Analytics for everyone, anywhere


 It is a marketing tool that allows the sale or simple delivery and redemption of coupons obtained by the client from the company’s website or email campaign, to be exchanged / redeemed at the Family Training Center (CEF)


  • Only the bearer of the coupon (code) can redeem.
  • Redemption is done with Scanner to avoid typing errors.
  • When scanning the code and delivering the card with the corresponding promotion, the code (coupon) is marked (burned) in the database so that it cannot be reused or redeemed again.
  • All POSs consult the same database in real time, which is why there are no duplication errors or fraud.


The coupon redemption process (bar code or QR) is fast and does not allow delivery errors to the cashier.

Game Cards are the currency of Family Entertainment Centers.

Players carry them in their pockets or wallets everyday, so that’s marketing!, since they have your FEC name and logo on a daily basis.

Card’s Balance are securely stored for use on any FEC countrywide, anytime.

Not only balances, but also loyalty programs, special promotions, miles program are available for your client is just a swipe or tap away.

Basically, cards are the key!

COIN TECH’S Integrations

Coin tech is front and center promoting their growing relationships with the Family Entertainment Industry.

It is no news that in order to be a leader, you have to sow friendly relationships, gain allies, and seize strengths to improve and grow faster in this dynamic changing market. Following these thoughts, Coin Tech can proudly announce the achievement of several integrations with world leaders, like SAP and Sugar CRM.

MicrosTM, AlohaTM, Qubica AMFTM, Squirrel SystemsTM, X-ChargeTM , and MPS are some of the companies that work along with POS System, which is the software option for fast-food restaurants, retail & merchandising centers or admission windows.

When it comes to the redemption counters, operators can also enjoy the benefits of the leaders supply companies. Deltronic LabsTM, Benchmark GamesTM, Fun ExpressTM, Sure ShotTM, Redemption PlusTM, and Rode Island NoveltyTM; working along with Redemption System will ensure the best solution for their FEC.

Leaders working together; that is the key to success. Join them!

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