About us

More than thirty years of research, work and innovation define us. And the path traveled with effort and passion establishes us, currently, as a provider of systems and services in the world of entertainment.

We are a company dedicated to the development, implementation and commercialization of software solutions for the global entertainment industry.

Our permanent search for technological innovation has left us valuable experience that we knew how to capitalize on by creating our own Game System software and hardware system.

Making our services continuously focus on capturing the needs of our clients to give them a prompt response and effective improvement in the administration of their gaming operations rooms. .

We evolved to become leaders in the market for payment solutions for family entertainment centers. We have consolidated over the years a fully customizable system, very easy to use and with simple access to control the information of the operations. We successfully achieved a modern all-in-one modular design, as flexible as it is functional. “WHAT IS NOT MEASURED, IS NOT CONTROLLED AND WHAT IS NOT CONTROLLED, CANNOT BE IMPROVED

The desire to grow that characterizes us has found us, in all cases, in motion. Seeking to be at the forefront. Coin Tech Cloud has been the answer that keeps us giving knowledge, support and support. Offering comprehensive solutions for intelligent fun, always in accordance with the contexts and realities.

We are the strategic partner of the companies that choose us. We are committed to those who bet, trust, try and continue to choose us. Customers who give us the opportunity to serve them and offer them products.