Centralized management

Manage your business form anywhere

Time is yours; manage your business from any phone, tablet or pc.

Multiplatform access. Pc, mobile or tablet.

First level infrastructure with Oracle.

Reporting and statistics in real time.

Keep your information 100% secure.

Reduce your operational costs

We have developed a simple system that centralizes all your FEC information at one single place.

You´ll be able to control your business in real time from anywhere at any time, from a tablet, pc or cell phone device.

Make better decisions

Also known as business activity monitoring, GS Sense execute a series of control processes setup by the operator. If the software detects that a value is out of the company policies, the system will inform this by sending an email, so that the operator can perform a deeper analysis supported by system reports.

With GS SENSE you add to your company the latest in Business Intelligence.

Get a clear and complete view of your company, it will allow you take better decisions, reducing costs and increasing your incomes.